HR professionals tend to avoid numbers and anything you can do with them. Data technology and possibilities are growing fast and there is great potential here to build data-driven decision-making and process design within our HR functions.

This site is created with the idea to make HR analytics easy for HR professionals. It rolls out a process from end to end of the HR analytics project.   

You do not need an ecosystem, or a massive budget, or a large team. You do need to know what HR issues you are facing and the HR metrics around it. You need courage and some energy to manipulate the data and to install software. Energy to follow the necessary steps. Patience to realise the little code you need is not so puzzling. Enthusiasm to discover that the heavy lifting of data analysis can be done by others, but also enough experience to know you need some exposure to it.

Statistical techniques and tools are just a means. A means to better decision-making and to drive action. Do not forget that HR is about business and how people work in our business. Ultimately, they are not numbers, they are human beings.

Leaving you here some practical ideas that will be developed soon in The Path page.

If you’d like to download the PDF file, here it is: 

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